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Sample Intermediary Agreement

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===================== BEGIN AGREEMENT =====================

This electronic agreement is made by and between Owner 1 and Owner 2 (together 'DVC Owner') and David's Vacation Club Rentals ('Intermediary').

The DVC Owner requests assistance from the Intermediary for the purpose of finding and managing guests in exchange for an agreed price per point.

The DVC Owner and the Intermediary are completely familiar with the terminology used by the Disney Vacation Club and are fully familiar with the operations of the Disney Vacation Club and neither will rely on the other for guidance regarding policies or procedures of the Disney Vacation Club.

The Intermediary will be responsible for:
a) Supplying the DVC Owner with guests who are seeking rental opportunities
b) Contacting Disney Vacation Club's Member Services to check availability for guests
c) Contacting the DVC Owner when a guest requires a rental
d) Collecting funds from the guest for reservations made by the DVC Owner
e) Creating and receiving a rental agreement from the guest
f) Paying the DVC Owner for points used to secure reservations, at the agreed price, 70% at time of rental and balance on day of check-in
g) Ensuring that the guest's reservations were fulfilled to the guest's satisfaction
h) Providing the Owner with financial information from the guest if the dining plan is elected

The Intermediary will not be responsible for any unused points or points which expire prior to being rented.

The DVC Owner will be responsible for:
a) Providing the Intermediary with full details on how many points are available for rentals
b) Advising the Intermediary which Home Resort the points belong to
c) Advising the Intermediary which Use Year that the points belong to
d) Advising the Intermediary whether points may be banked or borrowed in order to secure reservations
e) Keeping maintenance fees and mortgages current at all times
f) Keeping their membership in the Disney Vacation Club current and active so as not to harm reservations
g) Honoring all reservations made for which funds (partial or full) have been received
h) Maintaining an active PayPal account with which to receive payment for funds collected
i) Sending all hard copy reservation confirmations to the Intermediary
j) Mandatory that you fulfill the request of adding dining plans, Magical Express and room requests when required. A copy of all email confirmations from the Disney Vacation must be forwarded to David’s Vacation Club and will be kept in your file.

The DVC Owner further agrees and promises:
a) Not to list the points for sale while there are active reservations
b) To keep all maintenance fees, dues or assessments current
c) To keep all mortgages current
d) To keep their membership in the Disney Vacation Club in good standing

The DVC Owner further agrees that they will make full restitution to the guest and the Intermediary for any and all expenses related to a reservation cancellation caused by the failure of the DVC Owner to honor any and all term of this agreement, including any fees and charges associated with the collection of said expenses.

For the DVC Owner:
DVC Membership Number: 62301200ABD
DVC Owners: Owner 1 and Owner 2
Address: Address
City, State/Prov.: City, State
Country/Postal Code: Country Zip
Home Phone: Home Phone
Work Phone: Work Phone
Mobile Phone: Cell Phone
E-Mail Address:
PayPal Address:

The following points are being made available for rental:


===================== END AGREEMENT =====================

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