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Reservation Form Details

My Reservation Form allows you to request a reservation at any time of the day or night, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excluded).

Here's How It Works:

1Determine the cost of your entire stay

Determine the cost required for your stay by using the cost calculator located here or the one included in the reservation form. The cost per point is $14.00 for reservations booked up to seven months in advance. Reservations booked from 7 to 11 months in advance may be subject to an additional premium rate of $2.00 US per point. Our cancellation policy is located here.

Over the last few years there has been a large demand for reservations at these selected resorts: Bay Lake Tower At Disney's Contemporary Resort, Disney's Beach Club Villas, Disney's Boardwalk Villas, The Villas At Disney's Wilderness Lodge, the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Hotel, the Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Disney's Aulani Resort and Spa. While members who own at these selected resorts are interested in the rental of their points they are requesting increased compensation to rent their ownership during the Home Resort booking windows. In order to continue to meet our guests requests for reservations, David’s Vacation Club Rentals has introduced a "Home Resort Booking Premium" on selected resorts.

A "Home Resort Booking Premium" of $2.00 per point will be added to the cost of any reservation that is secured more than 7 months in advance of the arrival date at the following selected resorts: USE DISNEY'S EXACT TERM FOR THE RESORTS. The additional $2.00 per point will be passed directly to the member. David’s Vacation Club Rentals is implementing the "Home Resort Booking Premium" on November 4, 2014. David’s Vacation Club Rentals is excited to continue to pass along the savings to our guests while offering a fair market value for member's points. There is NO "Home Resort Booking Premium" for any resort where the reservation is secured less than 7 months in advance of the arrival date. The "Home Resort Premium" will automatically be included in our cost calculator and will not be in addition to the displayed amounts.

2Complete the reservation form

Complete the reservation form which gathers all of the details of the members of your party, choice of resorts/room types, and check-in/check-out dates (must be a minimum of 44 points for a total of $616.00 at standard rates or $704.00 at home resort premium rates). The more flexible you are, the greater the chance of success.

3$98.00 Deposit

A $98.00 part payment is taken (by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal), which is refundable to you if your reservation can not be secured, usually within 24 hours (weekends and holidays sometimes excluded).

If you are wondering why we charge a $98.00 part payment before checking availability, Click here

Why We Collect a $98.00 Part Payment

Disney Vacation Club Resorts often sell out months in advance. If one of your requested resort/room combinations is available, we don't want to loose the availability or waste your valuable time with additional dialogue. By having your part payment on hand, we can immediately take the steps necessary to secure your reservation. Of course, if your requested resort/room combinations are not available, in the order you have selected, we'll give you the opportunity to select a different resort/room combination that might be available, or we will immediately refund your part payment. It's all about choice. Yours.

Notice regarding U.S Credit Card Issuers

My operations are in Canada. Recently, some U.S. credit card issuers have been charging their customers a cross border transaction fee. You may want to check with your card issuer prior to providing payment.

Your $98.00 deposit will be immediately refunded if we cannot secure your requested resort/room combinations, in the order you have selected. The deposit will be absorbed if we secure your submitted requests and you do not complete the payment balance.

4Email Confirmation

A confirmation number is e-mailed to you. You can view/confirm the reservation directly with Disney Vacation Club here. The e-mail will also contain all of the balance of payment details.

5Final Payment

You can then complete the payment for the balance of your reservation (reservation cost - deposit = balance due).

David's Vacation Club now features Bill Me Later from PayPal. This feature allow you to pay for your reservation in installments to make that final payment a little easier to deal with. This feature is only available to guests in the United States and requires signing up for a PayPal account. For more details, click here.

A completed invoice, including rental agreement will be e-mailed to you. Your payment in full is your acceptance of the rental agreement. A sample copy is located here.

Notices regarding "My Disney Experience" & "Magic Bands" - Click Here

"My Disney Experience" & "Magic Bands"

The names and e-mail addresses you give us to put on your resort/room reservation must exactly match the names and e-mail addresses you have on your "My Disney Experience" profile and the names and e-mail addresses you have attached to any dining reservations. Do not attempt to link your room/resort and/or dining reservations unless you are sure your profile information is an exact match.

The "My Disney Experience" and "Magic Bands" programs are outside of our rental agreement and any inconsistencies must be dealt with directly with Disney.

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(Refundable to you if your reservation can not be secured)