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Can I contact you if I can't find the answer to my question?
Of course you can. Send an e-mail to Team at
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How far in advance should I reserve my villa?
We never know what rooms are available until we call Disney Vacation Club Member Services, so in every case, it is always advisable to check. We never say "never" until Member Services says so. That said, click here for a quick guideline to our recommendations in avoiding disappointment.
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How early can I book my reservation?
As per DVC rules a Member can book a reservation at a DVC Resort a maximum of 11 months in advance. Click here for a quick guideline .
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How much do you charge per point?
$14.00 US per point is the current rate. To ensure fairness to all of my guests, I do not negotiate different prices. I try to keep the prices the same throughout the year but there may be times when supply and demand require modification. Lower prices may be offered to subscribers of my last minute specials newsletter, but last minute specials are usually restricted to reservations within 60 days from their release date and limited to stays at the larger resorts (due to room availability on short notice). My cancellation policy is located here.
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How do I fill out the reservation form if I want multiple rooms at the same resort?
You will be required to fill out a reservation request form for each room required. In the comments section of each form please indicate that you are traveling with family ‘X’ and ‘Y’ and that both rooms need to be booked at the same resort or none at all.
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Are there any other hidden costs?
$14.00 US per point is all I charge. Of course, this does not include park tickets, meals or airfare. Also note, my operations are from Canada. Recently, some U.S. credit card issuers have been charging their customers a cross border transaction fee. We have been told that Capital One MasterCard does not charge a cross border transaction fee. You should always check with your card issuer for current policy.

For all stays at Aulani, Disney Vacation Club® Villas, Ko Olina, Hawaii, the State of Hawaii imposes a daily transient accommodations tax based upon the number of Vacation Points required for the stay and the per Vacation Point Annual Dues for the calendar year of the stay. For more information please click here.
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What form of payment do you accept?
Payment can be made by Visa, or Master Card, and if you have a PayPal account you can also pay with PayPal, American Express, or Discover. There are no additional charges for payment processing.
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Why do you collect a $98.00 part payment?
Disney Vacation Club Resorts often sell out months in advance. If one of your requested resort/room combinations is available, we don't want to loose the availability or waste your valuable time with additional dialogue. By having your part payment on hand, we can immediately take the steps necessary to secure your reservation. Of course, if your requested resort/room combinations are not available, in the order you have selected, we'll give you the opportunity to select a different resort/room combination that might be available, or we will immediately refund your part payment. It's all about choice. Yours.
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How do I check how many points are required?
Use this simple price calculator which will show you the total costs for all room categories at all resorts for the duration of the dates you select. Totals can be seen in points or in dollar amounts.
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Can I check for Vacation Club room availability on line?
No. The rooms that you check for on the Disney Web Site are handled by the Central Reservations Office (CRO) who have a completely different allotment of rooms than the Disney Vacation Club. The rooms allocated to the Disney Vacation Club sell out much quicker than those belonging to CRO.
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How do I proceed to check availability and make a reservation?
Complete the reservation form which gathers all of the details of the members of your party, choice of resorts/room types, and check-in/check-out dates. The more flexible you are, the greater the chance of success. A $98.00 US partial payment is taken (by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal), which is returned to you if your reservation can not be secured, usually within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excluded). My operations are in Canada. Recently, some U.S. credit card issuers have been charging their customers a cross border transaction fee. You may want to check with your card issuer prior to providing payment. The $98.00 deposit will be absorbed for work performed on any secured reservations that are not paid for in full. Payment is due in full upon receipt of your confirmation number.

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Do I get a reservation confirmation number?
Yes, you will receive a reservation confirmation number from me as soon as your villa is secured. You can then verify your party's details on-line at, by clicking on my On-Line Check-In Link.
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What are the payment terms?
100% of the rental fee (less your $98.00 partial payment) is required at time of confirmation with DVC Member Services. Please take a minute to view the sample contract located here. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!
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Do you have any references?
Hundreds. Be sure to visit my guest book and view all the positive comments that have been left by my guests.
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Are Park tickets included?
No, but you will receive all the benefits that all guests staying at a Disney Resort receive such as free transportation to and from the parks, enhanced magic hours, free parking etc. If you are interested in a great deal on park tickets, I have partnered with one of Orlando's Authorized Disney World Ticket Providers, who offer discounted attraction tickets. These tickets can be transferred to your room key (Key to The World Card) at check in.
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Can I cancel a reservation?
No. Due to the complexity of banking and borrowing points, reservations can not be cancelled. You may explore the possibilities of adding Travel Insurance to protect yourself against unexpected situations. I do not provide this insurance, but you can obtain obtain a very reasonable quote here: Travel Insurance Quote
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Can I use the on-line check-in?
Online Check-In Service, is available, enabling you to simplify your arrival by going online and providing information related to your upcoming stay.

Disney Vacation Club Members and their guests can participate in Online Check-In Service through the following link.

On-line Check-in

You may begin accessing Online Check-In Service 60 days prior to your scheduled arrival date. You will be able to review your reservation, add room requests and enter information about special occasions you are celebrating during your visit.

Upon arrival, Key to the World cards and other registration materials will be waiting for you at a special welcome location where Cast Members will be available to provide additional information and answer questions. Please note that this service does not guarantee Guest rooms will be ready upon arrival at the resort. Rooms will continue to be available at standard check-in time of 4 p.m.

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Can I get daily housekeeping?
Trash and Towel service is included in all stays of more than four days. If your stay is for less than eight nights, you will receive Trash & Towel service on day four. If your stay is for eight nights or longer, you will receive a full cleaning service on day four, and Trash & Towel service on day eight. After that, the cycle begins again on day twelve. Day one is check-in day. Daily housekeeping can be arranged and paid for at time of check-in. The following rates are subject to change:

Additional Full Cleaning Rates:
Studio - $30.00 for each day requested
One-Bedroom - $45.00 for each day requested
Two-Bedroom - $60.00 for each day requested
Three-Bedroom - $75.00 for each day requested

Additional Trash & Towel Rates:
Studio - $15.00 for each day requested
One-Bedroom - $20.00 for each day requested
Two-Bedroom - $25.00 for each day requested
Three-Bedroom - $35.00 for each day requested

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Can I use Disney's Magical Express?
Yes, you can. We recommend you supply us with the following information at least 30 days in advance of your arrival:

For Orlando arrivals
1) The air carrier name
2) The air carrier flight number into Orlando and the arrival time
3) The city you depart from (this would be on the last leg into Orlando if you have a stop over)

For Orlando Departures
1) The air carrier name
2) The air carrier flight number from Orlando and the departure time
3) The city you are destined for
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Can I have the Disney Dining Plan?
Yes, you can add the Disney Dining Plan if you wish. Disney Vacation Club now requires full payment in advance of your arrival. Complete details are on my Disney Dining Plan page.

You do not need to be staying at at Disney Resort to make advanced dining reservations. Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) can be made 180 days in advance of your reservation date by calling (407) WDW-DINE. Guests staying at a Disney Resort can book reservations for each night of their stay starting 180 days in advance of their arrival. Park tickets are required if the restaurant you wish to eat at is located inside a theme park.

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How does DVC work with "My Disney Experience"?

The "My Disney Experience" and "Magic Bands" programs, which are currently being offered during a "test" phase to certain members who are booking reservations for guests, has had some inconsistencies when trying to attach the the odd guest reservation and showing the added dining plan.

The names and e-mail addresses you give us to put on your resort/room reservation must exactly match the names and e-mail addresses you have on your "My Disney Experience" profile and the names and e-mail addresses you have attached to your dining reservations. Do not attempt to link your room/resort reservation unless you are sure your profile information is an exact match.

The "My Disney Experience" and "Magic Bands" programs are outside of our rental agreement and neither we nor our booking members can guarantee the success of the program during the "test" phase. We thank you for your understanding and are anxious for the working program to be rolled out by Disney sometime in February 2014.

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Do you provide Travel Insurance?
I do not provide travel insurance, but you can obtain a very reasonable quote here: Travel Insurance Quote
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Can I get all the other perks and discounts that Disney Vacation Club Members Receive?
No. You will not be entitled to any annual pass discounts, park entry discounts, merchandise discounts, or restaurant discounts. If you'd like these discounts, you'll have to become a member of the Disney Vacation Club.

You will receive all the perks and benefits of any guest staying onsite at a Disney Resort, such as free transportation aboard all Disney Transportation vehicles and Extended Magic Hours.

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Do you have any recommended attractions once we get to Walt Disney World?
If you ask 100 people this question, you will get 100 different answers. But, I do have my favorites which you can view here.
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Can I have fun?
Yes you can, and you'd better or we won't let you go again.
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Do you ever have any last minute deals?
Although it doesn't happen frequently, there will be times when lack of availability coupled with points that will expire within a 60 day period (two months) create the need to be creative with reservations. Points are only offered at a reduced rate to those who subscribe to my "Specials Newsletter".
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What happens if I need to change information on my reservation such as an address?
Please email us with your request as soon as possible. If there are any changes or additions needed to your reservation (adding another guest, updating address information, adding a dining plan) we request notification at least 30 days prior to your check in date as we require the lead time to get a hold of the Member.
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