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Beth Haworth's "Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide"

Save more $$$$ and get tons of Disney tips and tricks from Beth Haworth

I've got to admit, I thought I was the expert on saving $$$ at Walt Disney World. I was on a community board when one of the posters asked if any of us had heard of the book "The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide" by Beth Haworth and if anybody had any opinions.

We bantered around with comments like "the savings are probably too good to be true" or "it would be worth it if you saved the cost of the book in one trip" to "gee, I wish there was one sample savingsThe Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide available to view". There was a link to the promo page and after several post by many people, I decided to take the plunge and buy the guide.

Much to my surprise, there are lots of ways to save money. And the best part is, you get a link to the online book which is updated every time Beth adds new savings or one of the listed recommendations changes. This book is jammed with information that will help make your Disney vacation memorable.

You can read more information about the guide and even pick up a copy for yourself from this link to "The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide" by Beth Haworth.

Here is an excerpt from the page:


See How Easily You Can
Have A Disney World Vacation For A
Fraction Of What Others Pay”

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

You Don't Have To Be Rich
To Have An Extravagant Disney World Vacation


On a late Spring afternoon, two families departed for Disney World. They were very much alike, these two families.

Both had two children, both had middle class incomes, and both lived in the same neighborhood.

Both families took the same flight to Disney World. Both stayed at the same luxury 5-Star Disney World resort.

Both families attended the same shows and events, and ate at the same restaurants.

Both families spent the same amount of time at Disney World, and returned home on the same flight.

But there was a difference….

One family spent $5,500 for their Disney World vacation. The other spent $2,700.

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